Bloodline follows the story of Ember Memeelis and her two brothers on their journeys to break free from their demon heritage, as well as escape their father’s influence. However, darker forces follow in their footsteps, and the Memeelis bloodline isn’t the only one they need to worry about.


The World

The comic takes place on the fictional continent “Sai-vay”, a place full of life and reliant on magic. The great war waged by the gods (and the mortals who followed them) left many remarkable structures and enchanted items behind, and stories of legendary warriors facing each other in combat for their gods and beliefs.


The Author

Hello readers! My real name is Evan Fawcett, but online I go by the nickname “w0lfmare”. I first started seriously drawing when I was 16. Some of my old and new ideas started coming together, and really inspired me to pick up a pencil and start drawing again for the first time in years. Since I’ve started the comic I’ve improved a lot in a relatively short time, and it’s pretty easy to tell if you compare the latest page with my first. I really enjoy talking with people about my comic, characters, and just art in general! I’m currently a college student studying general engineering.