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Bernin Memeelis ch 2

Bernin Memeelis

Species: Domestic (Sarladar)

Gender: Male

Age: 18

After the events in Briarwood, Bernin applied his aptitude with fire magic towards killing demons, and vowed that he would go back and kill Flint as soon as he was strong enough. After meeting Cormac and his group at the edge of Briarwood, Cormac convinced Bernin that the best way to hunt and kill demons was to tag along with his patrol.

Bernin stays distant from his travelling companions and refuses to talk about his past, despite the prodding Sil and Callum inflict on him.

Ember Memeelis ch 2

Ember Memeelis

Species: Domestic (Sarladar)

Gender: Female

Age: 16

After barely escaping Briarwood with her life, Ember’s spent her time lost in regret, and searching libraries for the answers to her “demon blood” problem.

Ember has problems with self confidence, and often mistakes her own desires as the desires of her demon half. Happiness is difficult for Ember, but she often finds relief in learning new things from books, which she does whenever she has spare time. Because of her demon blood, her strange fur color, and her tendency to travel a lot, Ember doesn’t talk to a lot of people, and she doesn’t make many friends. Despite the rough life she’s had since leaving Briarwood, Ember remains confident that one day things will take a turn for the better.

Cormac Aglovale ch 2

Cormac Aglovale

Species: Red Wolf (Renid)

Gender: Male

Age: 22

Cormac Aglovale is the leader of the patrol unit that found Bernin.

Cormac was trained in Medaris (the Tennin capital) to become an inner-Medaris soldier, but his fighting talents and ambitions brought up other opportunities. After he completed his training he was offered the opportunity to lead a 6-year demon hunting patrol. If his superiors are pleased with his leadership, he’ll be promoted to a bronze-grade captain when the 6 years are finished. Cormac is calm, collected, and good at measuring people’s strengths and weaknesses. He usually keeps leader’s distance from those he’s leading, but after working with Callum, Sil and Hillel for several years, he’s loosened up a bit around them. Cormac’s grown fond of Sil, and lets her get away with more than she should.

Sil Naiad ch 2

Sil Naiad

Species: Grey Fox (Genay)

Gender: Female

Age: 22

Sil Naiad is the reader of Cormac’s patrol unit.

Sil is from one of the small border villages along Northern Briarwood, and moved to Medaris with her family once her abilities as a reader were discovered. After her reader and mage training, she was assigned to Cormac’s patrol unit to sharpen her perception and give her experience. Like all readers, Sil can read the energy of those around her, allowing her to locate allies, enemies, and enchanted items within a 2 mile radius (on the high end of the usual 1-2 miles). Readers can also tell what types of magic other mages can use, since they can tell apart different energy types. Sil excels in light magic and has a nature bloodline, making her an exceptionally good healer. Sil’s comfortable living in Medaris has left her spoiled and a bit lazy, but she’s kindhearted, and won’t hesitate to play her part when the stakes are high. Sil can also be a bit oblivious, and doesn’t notice when she’s asking for too much.

Hillel Nennius ch 2

Hillel Nennius

Species: Domestic (Sarladar)

Gender: Male

Age: 21

Hillel is the chronicler of Cormac’s patrol unit.

Hillel was assigned to Cormac’s group as the replacement chronicler, since the original one backed out after the first year. Hillel takes his job very seriously, and does everything by the book. He also has unwavering faith in the council and it’s decisions, and makes it a point to keep Cormac informed on “the choices the council would want him to make”. As the patrol’s chronicler, it’s Hillel’s job to record the daily events and relationships of Cormac’s patrol unit. He also makes assessments of it’s members, and keeps Cormac on schedule.

Hillel is from a wealthy family in Medaris. Curiosity and intrigue  as well as his desire to actively help Medaris led Hillel to join the demon hunting patrols against his family’s wishes.

Callum Lamorak ch 2

Callum Lamorak

Species: Red Wolf (Renid)

Gender: Male

Age: 22

Callum is a soldier in Cormac’s patrol unit.

Callum’s mother is a general in Medaris, the Tennin capital, which puts a lot of pressure on Callum to be part of their military. In fact, his family is the only reason he’s a soldier. Callum is decent at his job, but his four older, more enthusiastic brothers tend to steal the spotlight. Truth be told, Callum enjoys being away from home.

Callum is easy going and content, which lets him get along well with everyone in Cormac’s patrol. He’s also very loyal, and gives Cormac the least amount of trouble when it comes to following orders. One day, Callum hopes to be a simple guard inside the walls of Medaris, where he can preserve and enjoy the peace.

Gale Maleagant ch 2

Gale Maleagant

Species: Grey Wolf (Rougi)

Gender: Male

Age: 24

Gale is a soldier in Cormac’s patrol unit.

Orphaned by a demon attack on his home at a young age, Gale became a soldier to seek vengeance. After completing his 6 year demon hunting patrol with another group and spending some time as a guard in Beren, he was deemed too violent for that sort of peace keeping, and transferred back into the demon hunting patrols. There he joined Cormac’s patrol unit 4 years in, to replace a deserter.

Prolonged peace makes Gale restless and frustrated, and he begins looking for someone to fight among his allies. Luckily, there’s no shortage of enemies in Briarwood.

When Cormac’s patrol stops for the night, Gale maintains the group’s weapons and armor. On nights when the demon hunting went particularly well, Gale gets along well with his team, and will mingle with them sitting by the fire.