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Due to Patreon’s new fee changes, I have made some adjustments to a few things…

For starters, I’ve setup a Ko-fi account as an alternative way for fans to support me and the comic. I’ll be updating the thank you message every week with an early look at the buffer (if there is one. Latest comic page will say if there is in the description), as well as a little something extra from my collection on Patreon.

I’m also changing up my Patreon sponsored raffle streams a bit; effective immediately, donations through Ko-fi will also go towards sponsoring the raffle streams. There’s now a 4 stream queue limit (This shouldn’t change much, it’s just to patch a loophole), and the “permanent monthly raffle streams” goal is changing to a more realistic $600.

As for Patreon, all I can say is the steady income has been a huge, HUGE help. For now, I’m going to play it by ear on switching to another similar service.

Edit: Patreon changed their mind and aren’t doing the fee changes. Crisis averted, but the timing could have been better XD


Thank you all, and enjoy the newest page!