At least Denrim has a great smile.


A little reminder, Bloodline has a Discord channel! [Link]


And for those who haven’t heard, Project Wonderful, the company that’s been supplying the ads for my site, has shut down. A long time ago I had debated whether or not I wanted to use ads to begin with, but I settled on PW because the ads were non-intrusive, supported Bloodline, and in the past they’ve led me to some great webcomics. But with PW gone, I can’t offer safe, relevant ads anymore, so I’ll be replacing them with my own Bloodline Ads and artwork.
Also this means that voting for Bloodline on TopWebComics is more important than ever to help bring in new readers! The button labeled “TopWebComics” at the top right leads straight to the voting page for Bloodline for your convenience. You can vote once a day, and I try to keep a regular flow of art incentives on the site to keep things interesting! [Link]


Thanks for your help, and enjoy today’s page!